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Warrior questions, seeking advice

Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2021 8:43 pm
by Novex
I'm currently a level 129 warrior, and I'm asking this community for help and or advice about my equipment choices, if I should change any item, and which ones to seek to purchase or otherwise get to replace current gear or what gear is next best when I lvl up more

Here's my equipment
Armor- Frozen astral armor except the breastplate. Bp is spirit shadow Bp.
Weapon- Adamant Cleaver
Offhand wep- Fiery axe of triumph
Jewelry neck- Cronachs stormleaf necklace
Misc- Cronachs stormleaf charm
Wrist- gladiator's bracelet of swords and Imperial armlet of strength
Rings- krons stormleaf ring, Cronachs frost root ring, royal ring of double atk, royal ring of rupture

I do have a lvl 140 Wyrmbone handaxe
Obsidian longblade
Onyx longblade
Lvl 140 comraks frost root charm
Comraks shrivewood charm
Lvl 130 grand emberdrake ring of battle

Any advice on what I should change and or what to look into buying for my near future. Lastly I immensely appreciate this awesome community for all the help you've given me.

Re: Warrior questions, seeking advice

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2022 8:13 pm
by Lhepsch
use axe mainhand to start with and frozen if u can farm for bone armour then DL for jewels go with stats stuff and learn what hotswap is im pretty sure u well find alot of it in forums or yt stats str vit foc put ammount of how much u need in each foc and vit unless u use pots ALOT OF EM go full str ez lvling skills for lvling suse frenzy shatter dbl attack rupture pummel rest are alt skills for lvling