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How do I level from 40 - 45 with a rogue?

Hello. I am using a DEX Build for my rogue lvl 40. I am doing the quest for Stonevale to get the key-pieces to go to OW(OtherWorld). I am trying to level, but I don't know where cuz I keep dying. Please tell me where I can level to 45+.

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Re: How do I level from 40 - 45 with a rogue?

At that level if you aren't killing an enemy every 10 seconds or so you're not doing it fast enough. So if you killed "a ton of enemies" but didn't move, it's likely that your idea of a ton and everyone else's that plays this game are polar opposites. Try to kill more than 7 enemies and see where that gets you. Actually, I'll bet you were killing mobs that were far lower level than you and therefore were giving you no xp. You should kill stuff that is anywhere from 0-5 levels above you for maximum results. If you're killing things even 1 level below you you're missing out on a lot of experience.

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Re: How do I level from 40 - 45 with a rogue?

Kill enemies 5 levels above you almost always. Dex build is really good in Shalemont since your abilities are low and it's hard to hit otherwise, although damage makes a lot of difference here.
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Re: How do I level from 40 - 45 with a rogue?

I recently levelled my lock rogue past this point so this is what i did:
0-15 do main quest
at 15 pop a lix or two (depending how fast you are) in catacombs to make further main quest easier
30-35 main quest
35-40 lixing at south ley in shale
40-45 lixing in camp across the river from south ley in shale
45-54 lixing at main camp (where redbane is)
55-60 lixing at South stonevale ley (i didnt like these lixes maybe somewhere else is better
60-65 lixing at fire imps at the fire effigy in Stonevale
65-90 is pretty much all at pirates in fingal
90-100 can be done in may different places but I recommend Murky's undead
100-115 these are the clairvoyant levels you gotta move around in OW finding best spots (probably wraiths)
115-130 is the guys across the bridge ley in OW
130-160 is all boggs
160-180 is all bolgs

(currently im at 65 but this is the path im probably going to take)
If anyone has any suggestions or corrections please comment
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