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Rogue help.

Looking for some advice on my build, if I should change/buy anything.
I'm a 183 rogue
Gear -
I have 180 spear and 180 dagger, 180 haste dagger and 180 frozen axe.
dl pants, gloves, boots.
Mighty trolls at helm of sneaky attack
Ancient bone bp
Rank 4 doggo

Wlyd ammy of mountain 150 verison
180 shop dex and str brace
3 180 str rings
1 180 vit ring
1 50 str misc

Str 820 (1365)
Dex 100 (320)
Focus 10
Vit 10 (295)

Riposte 40/40
Sneaky 46/40
Double attack 38/40
Qs 45/40
Posion wep 31/40

thanks in advance.

Re: Rogue help.

Think your setup is great to lvl primarily focusing on skill dmg...on a combo I believe you will do very well...only advice I would give is once 190 try to avoid jumping into buying 190lux as more dropped gear will open up for u to build from

Re: Rogue help.

I'd use a lot more Dex than that (about even to Str) and drop dbl attack and sneaky for SS and lifesteal. When you say 180 spear, you mean shop spear? I'd use a mord halberd instead if you can.
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Re: Rogue help.

Ever heard of shadowstrike? Yeah use that. Ditch double attack for it. Ss, qs, sneaky, riposte and poison . Stats are fine for lixing in tower since ur already 183,maybe add slightly more dex, ~150 but not a necessity, assuming you're OK with mashing restos as ur defense will be very low n will take a lot of hits. Don't use shop spears, try to get a mord spear if cannot stay with shop daggers till you get one. Frozen axe offhand only if u lix with an ice mage, if not spite dagger.
Most importantly, work to finish you DL asap. Judging by your gear, most are shop ones so your clan isn't much of a top tier so there's that limitation.
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Re: Rogue hel

Young Hero,

Clouds you seem to be str based kak, my recommendation is always go full dex at the right lvl, a wise rogue once said,
Rogues are skill damage based, dex and attack(Reeds 2013 arawn)

And my experience was the exactly same, put some of that str into dex, since ss and lifesteal and reflexes as well poison damage are MAIN skills for dex based rogues,

Ofc idont want to say bla bla str is so crapy and unfathomable, ijust want to say that with a good dex based skills setup, the right gear to add str and perhaps vit, you can go and tell Combos " get lost" some energys hps and xps should do it :)


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Re: Rogue help.

I went full dex with some str and dex mixed gear at like 120 on my rogue and solo lvlled barely using restos til I hit the tower (stupid wizards lol). It is a great build but also remember that cunning added to gear helps as much if not more than just shop dex stuff as it increases all of your skills.
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