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Re: Stat help

Introvert wrote:
Wolvondour wrote:Is strength more important than dex?

No, not if you do not use smeaky attack or riposte, someone very wise once told me the rogue is not a melee class and he was right, we are a skills such called " Burst damage" class. Says : dex is the stats you should invest into, by the way dex also increases defence and attack :P

If you want to die fast and lose time with waiting on your str skills ( they need longer than the rest) Str is your choice.
If you want to lock things fast drop kills like they are hot, and get a max amount of health back with lifesteal, if you do not want to die of auto hits,and if you want to hit almost everytime your dagger strikes foreward, DEX is your choice :P

Enjoy the class Rogue,


If we don't hit autos why do we need attack?

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