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Re: Highest Lifesteal

friddoo wrote:
Spartacus4406 wrote:
friddoo wrote:Never used, I don't like this skill

Then the jokes on you :lol:

I can solo edl four stars because of this skill

I can solo edl 4* baring rev and unox without this skill

was that before or after OTM buffed all the edl?

Did you use pots
do you have EDL armor
I am soloing without EDL armor!
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Re: Highest Lifesteal

Legislative wrote:
friddoo wrote:
friddoo wrote:i have no edl armour or dl weps... Yet

Before and after edl buff, and yes I used pots

noob :D

Shhhh, your rogue build consists of Way to much hp, can't be killed in arena :?
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