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Best solo leveling build for 170?

Here's the best gear I have available…

    Armor: ancient wyrmbone top, rest DL
    Weapons: ancient wyrmbone dagger, dagger of bounty*
    Necklace: spectral midnight, sunshard wilds
    Charm: hearth brooch
    Bracelets: str/cunning/PW aggy brace, dex/cunning/sneaky aggy brace
    Rings: spectral reaper, royal/grand ss, royal/grand lifesteal
    Comrak sets: bladeleaf, frostroot, stormleaf, bloodthorn

    *Probably going to swap bounty dagger for fiery conquest axe sometime, since I prefer axe

I have plenty of super combos at my disposal.

What gear/stat/skill setup should I use for fastest solo leveling?

Re: Best solo leveling build for 170?

Str build is good for leveling...I would say use bloodthorn set along with all those rings, and use Ur str brac / sneaky brac. I think at 170 u have near 850 points..with that said I would personally do 275 in vit, 300 in str and rest in dex. Skills I would use sneaky ss qs riptose and lifesteal(or pw for more dps)
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