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Re: lixng build

Awe :) wrote:
JxOxCampbell wrote:
Sweefish wrote:With that set up I was averaging 2.5 bars a lix 170-180.

Thats massive 0.0

No gear. I am full dps with 2.1k hp (level 167) and I only get 1.5 bars per lix.
Grouped 2-2.5 bars are possible but solo... :o

Would you mind Pming me your build? I'm intrigued because I'm just scraping 2 bars per combo at level 140 :O
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Re: lixng build

MisterWiskers wrote:I disagree with putting points into sneaky instead if reflexes. Reflexes adds a lot more survivability than you may believe. You dont have to spend as much money per lix because you dont need as many restos. Saved my skin while leveling.

Sneaky on the other adds a bit more dps as it has a very long cast time and is difficult to cast because the enemy cant have ur aggro when casting.

I'm confused. You tell him to replace a hp regen brace with resists for a 5 cold damage brace for more DPS and less survivability. But then recommend reflexes over sneaky for less DPS and more survivability?

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Re: lixng build

Lol 2-2.5 at lvl 170-180, offers to lvl at blackstones at 136.

If u want full dps, not typical solo build (survivability, cheap) then i prefer str rogue personally
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Rest in...... Im too lazy to cast buffs (poison/reflexes) so i use Rend, if i had enough extra pts i would prob use Life Steal, takes me 2-3 elixirs to lvl with a druid only (not extra dps, if i wanted to pot non-stop i could lvl in 2 elixirs solo) at lvl 127, but my gear is good.
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