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Looking for PvP guide.

Im looking for a pvp guide for rogues, as for I suck at pvp but enjoy to do it. There is currently NO update 4 pvp guides and im pretty upset about this. It would be helpful for someone to do an accurate post about stats and which skills to use while doing pvp. Thanks!
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Re: Looking for PvP guide.

Try reading here: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=42850&p=321123#p321123
There are a variety of viable rogue pvp builds but what is vital is a lot of vit. :lol:
BLRD-7 made this post before we had the event sets. So, your stat distribution may be a bit different.
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Re: Looking for PvP guide.

Ymirs spear is great for pvp at high lvl. Build is really simple too, 300 str for spear and rest in vit. Then max qs, double attack, rend, riposte, and rest in sneacky "when you see a caster equip obsidian dagger and offhand axe for sneacky then gatt!". Get as much armor as you possibly can..... AS MUCH ARMOR AS YOU CAN! Remember to put all you offensive skills on your hotbar slots like lvl1 skewer because spear is slooowwww auto attack is like waiting on a train. Remember ARMOR is OP so get you sum! I wouldnt be able to solo trolls without massive amounts of armor but thats a story for another post :P'

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of noob like ymirs spear! Obsidian dagger works great too just dont auto D:
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