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Use of Distract

With the upcoming idol nerfs making it hard for developing and non- dominant clans, wouldn't distract be a good rogue skill to use, even at 1.

In many developing clans, there is a chronic shortage of druids, meaning they cannot boss effectively. Without this druid the tank will die and lose aggro to a rogue, perhaps useing distract will help put it back to the tank, especially if he has a low lv. Taunt. This way, warriors have more points to put into bash or the like, without needing to have taunt maxed.

Post your opinions about Distract needing to be used more in clans with druid shortages and bad tanks :D :lol: jks.

Post here: your opinions, whether you as a rogue in your clan use distract. Post around if you think distract has potential!
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Re: Use of Distract

I'm pretty sure all tank warriors have maxed taunt no matter the situation. Some with maxed warcry also depending on what goes on in their world. Whether its resetting, griefing, or just dbags messing with your boss its always good to have maxed taunt and warcry if you need to.
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Re: Use of Distract

a good warrior can tank the boggan bosses with one druid or 2 rangers and sreng and snorri with maybe 2 druids or 3 rangers. so no need for distract.
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