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Re: Strength isn't doing what you thought-A guide for below

@UrMerGurdDanu. Great guide.

A point that needed to be stressed a little more is that Dex adds Attack. And with 300 Str you are obviously interested in Auto dmg as well as Skill dmg.

To me that is as important as strengthening skills for a (solo) levelling build. I have tried full Str and full Dex many times and they are fun but you notice pretty quickly on a full Str build that your actual DPS is much lower than expected because you miss every 3rd or 4th Auto. Obviously you need to max your abilities ie dagger but mine is always maxed as it would be for most Rogues.

Your suggestion of a mixed Str / Dex build with emphasis on Dex is the one i have found to be best for consistent levelling. It can be adjusted based on Lux of course and if you group with a Druid you can also reduce Vit etc
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Re: Strength isn't doing what you thought-A guide for below

i've said for a long time that str is the third most important stat for a lvling build. i still have absolutely zero comprehension of rogues who solo lvl and use sneaky in their build. it is an absolute waste of points for lixing. when i was lvling i use a 2 dex, 1str, and 2 vit per lvl. this worked very well, and kept me pretty well balanced. i'm also a plat junkie, and my lips are stained restoration potion red permanently, but i will use a build recommended by the op every time over a full str build.

good guide, glad to see others jump on the dex wagon.

as a disclaimer, for my bossing build i am high str with only around 275-300 dex.
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Re: Strength isn't doing what you thought-A guide for below

I have tried full str, full dex and full vit build. Surprisingly, I like full vit build best. There isnt a lot of difference in my dps with full vit versus full str build (dmg dropped by about 300 in my stats but still above 2k damage) but full vit build is awseome to tank the lessor bosses and for pvp. Full dex build is good for ss and ls. A clanny has more than 1200 dex and his ss can hit almost 6k, highest on my server.

Re: Strength isn't doing what you thought-A guide for below

UrMerGurdDanu wrote:
DeafeningSilence wrote:I prefer strength because I find that on a combo I can just pop a few restos every now and then and do just fine. I use 4 str skills and 1 dex skill: qs, ss, sneaky, and riposte with extras in rend. :)

I'd like to ask you, how much do you spend on restos per level? I spend 0 gold on restos or idols and get what's considered awesome lixes for my level

500/300/300 str/dex/vit and I never use restos or idols. Why? DRUIDS.

Re: Strength isn't doing what you thought-A guide for below

Swan wrote:For my base stats (not including gear), I use a boring 1:1:1 str/dex/vit build. That gives me good (spear) auto damage, good (shadowstrike, quick strike, riposte) skill damage, and good attack/defense with some decent health.

And where did the other 2 pts go to? :P
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