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Re: Golden Venom VS ice blade

Depends.... from PURE DPS stand point, blade will add the most Dmg to your build. If you need the regen tho, ice blade doesn't have that.

L100, with Dia Dagger, 70 dmg, +200 ability

=((3/19)*sqrt(Str)+6%*sqrt(Ability)+1)*(weap base+physical dmg))+elem dmg

Venom Dagger =((3/19* *sqrt(280)+6%*sqrt(1200)+1)*(70+20))+30 = 544.8491 Damage
Ice Blade =((3/19* *sqrt(280)+6%*sqrt(1200)+1)*(70))+200 = 600.4382 Damage

And in case you're curious, you will need Str of 1180 for Venom Dagger to actually Exceed Ice Blade (at ability of 1200) :)
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Re: Golden Venom VS ice blade

I prefer venom personally when I have a lot of str (500+) but with current build which is about 600 vit I use I've as it adds much much more damage. The problem is learning how to stack the damage. If u have bloodlust and some good talons then the venom with pirece damage will stack beat with this. So the actual amount of damage will be greater then Ice even though ice blade gives you more stats damage as you will have more pirece damage over seeing the pirece resist. Also with a Mage with a good assasins lure ot will give you your maxed damage with just assasins lure rather then having to have both ice and assasins lure to get max damage. On the other hand a lot of mages have a good ice lure so this again could go in favour of choosing the ice blade. But really there is no better one. Ice will give you more damage venom has nice regen for skills and stacks nice with a lot of pirece equips. So use this info and get which one you think will work best for you or..... Do what I did and get both ahaha good luck :D
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