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Re: STOP and read these guides before proceeding

Just a suggestion, why not put the U4 guides on top and the Pre-U4 ones at the bottom: (i also made new, shorter links for all the topics)

Update 4 Guides:

Redrogue spear build: Click here.

poisoner build by redrogue: Click here.

Mortal creed hints to solo success: Click here.

Blrd7 update 4 high level basic rogue guides: Click here.

Brief discussion of update 4 rogue skills by myself: Click here.

Kiykiy essence blade build: Click here.

urmergurddanu- a guide on stats at mid level with the aim not to be a plat sink: Click here.

jxoxcampbell on mid level knuckle build!: Click here.

Pre-Update 4 guides: possibly inaccurate!

[b]1-200 Rogue Leveling Guide using plat by Akatosh: Click Here

1-120 Rogue Leveling Guide mostly no Plat by Pigman: Click Here

Rogue Tanking Guide by Kiykiy: Click Here

Guide to ultimate 120+ Rogue by Brookie: Click Here

Guide to DPS gear by Guffy: Click Here

And this is what the top rogues wear and how they run their own builds, not really a guide more of a primer: Click here.

New guide to gear and mechanics by awen: Click here.

And the long awaited dex build thanks to papi: Click

New knuckle build for mid level rogues by jacoby: Click here.

Low level guide by Uzi: Click here.

my personal favourite, a guide for those who dont like reading guides, by supadupachalupa: Click here.

want to be good at pvp? read this! by brookie: Click here.

Knuckleblades from 80-130, by redrogue: Click here.

warden through frozen reference by blrd-7: Click here.
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