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How Much Dex Ranger are Power Junkies?

Hey fellow Rangers!

My toon is currently a level 42 ranger with 100 STR, about 75 Dex, 10 Focus and 50 Vitality (plus minor bonuses from items). My main skills are Bola 11/15 (as high as I need for my current mobs + 5 lvl), Rapid Shot 5/15 (for a 10s boost), Steady Aim 15/15 and Light Heal 15/15. I also own a brown rabbit and a war wolf mount. Actually not bad for 100% free, in less than 1 week! But I got lucky with my bounties and received a purple and a green token.

I try to group as much as possible with Guildies or my son (more fun than solo) but the reality is that I end up playing often for short amount of time therefore soloing is often more convenient. Given my play pattern, my initial thoughts was to go for a STR ranger that relies mostly on auto attacks, and uses almost no Power, therefore no need to invest points in Focus and the Rabbit regen is more than enough to feed my occasional Light Heals. However, I find the lack of burst damage a little boring...

Considering that my DEX and STR will be leveled soon, It may be a good time to make a switch to a DEX ranger. However, my biggest concern is the Power Consumption.

My first toon was a druid and at around level 40 he stopped being fun to play as he would be out of Power after a couple fights and I would have to wait minutes before resuming the action. Therefore, I do not want the Ranger to become that much Power dependent.

So I am wondering, how much of a problem would it be for my Power Consumption if I would start investing in skills like Sharp Shot? Would my DPS significantly increase considering that I would probably not be able to cast it more than a couple times in a row?

Or would I be better off piling my skill points and waiting for a copy of the Double Shot Tome? Actually, where can I get that skill? I never see it at the AH...

Many thanks for sharing the wisdom!

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