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Just reached level 200 Ranger, need some advice

I'm mostly a DEX Ranger, but do have some STR as well. So kind of a hybrid.
1.) First question, are the 200 quivers worth it? I've read differing opinions on that one. Or should I wait to get a higher level one?
2.) What are the best jewelry items that unlock at level 200? I know I need better LUX and Jewelry, but I'm wondering what to focus on first. What is the Priority when you hit level 200?

Thanks all you Rangers out there!

Clan: Concordiia , Donn Server

Re: Just reached level 200 Ranger, need some advice

Not very good at advice buttt....

-200 quiver will be your best bet unless you have DL or EDL.

-200 runic necklace is debated as one of the best dps necklaces.

If you are using skills I would try to find items that give you ranged combat ability, dex ( helps skill damage) or direct damage boosts to skills. If you are going for autos find things that help bow ability, str, dex ( dex also raises your attack meaning you will miss less.)

That’s all I gots not much help but hopefully a nice start

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