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best skills for ranger lvl 120-150?

currently my ranger is lvl 127 on crom
recent book of alt and rebirth sent my build towards dex
i have approx 2k hp with 80% of my stats in dex

the skills which I use are as follows:
light heal (maxed)
sharpen weapons (maxed)
steady aim (maxed)
sharp shot (maxed)

i have 10 spare points however i also need a few more hotbar slots

are these skills suitable or could they be changed for improvement?
also is dex the right/best build???
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Re: best skills for ranger lvl 120-150?

Incompetence*. Poor spelling for someone with highschool exams starting in a few weeks ._.

And il tell you in the morning.
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Re: best skills for ranger lvl 120-150?

You can play either a str or dex ranger (using a 2:1 or 1:2 ratio of strength and dex). Add as few points in vit as you feel comfortable with. Most say dex version is best although some disagree. Either way you want to run 5 skills and personal preference here is key depending on your play style.

If you're going more dex, damage skills matter so choose 2 or 3 attack skills:
Longshot, sharp shot, double shot
And choose 3 or 2 utility skills:
Light heal, bolas, entangle, sharpen weapons OR steady aim (you don't need both of these in dex build). Also use rapid shot at lvl 1

For str build your auto attack matters more so you want both sharpen weapons and steady aim, rapid shot, light heal and then sharp shot as a lone damage skill.
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