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Re: Necro

Nylak wrote:Sorry but I will always say the Hare is the best pet for any situation. A Tier 6 Brown Hare is only 16 Tokens and at max it heals for 804 with a 15 second recast time. It also regens 115 energy per tic for 15 seconds. Sure the stats might not be the best with 120 focus, 120 resist magic and 200 spell evasion, but the amount of free healing and energy regen you get from it more then makes up for that in my opinion. The healing is great for any boss that has any sort of AOE and fantastic when your soloing or doing anything without a healer for that matter.

I marvel at fights like Base, Prime and Gele as people pop dozens of Health Pots through the fight in order to stay alive, when they could just have a hare at their side doing that for free. Or fights like Flap, PH, or Unox 6 as people keep flopping over dead if they don't have a druid in their group, when a Hare could keep them alive the entire time.

The question was about best pet for Necro. Not all the bosses you mentioned.
And if you have ever been to a Necro lock battle, you would know why a bunny isn't the best.

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