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Double shot on hast

I only really use my ranger at prot, I was wondering if I should use dub shot during the lock battle. I know it never misses but by the time it casts I can do more dmg from autos. Just curious if me not using dub shot is good or bad.

Re: Double shot on hast

Basically use doubleshot as much as possible unless you land more then 80% of autos, lock battles around 30 seconds and by not using double shot you only gain one extra auto but give up 4 guaranteed autos, not worth the risk especially since at prot i doubt you land more then 80%.

This is assuming your using edl bow, results should be similar with other bows.

Re: Double shot on hast

Prot is a raid boss with lower defence compared to other raids, so you could still do pretty good without using double shot if you have the nice attack stat.

Also considering base can lock in a matter of seconds during lock battles, it may seem counter intuitive to be spamming double shot.

At the end of the day, it comes down to how much attack you have. Do some testing. Put your graphical settings bar low so you only see your autos and observe how much damage you inflict in total up till lock, then for another lock battle spam double shot.
Wattzon of Sulis

Re: Double shot on hast

Banzai416 wrote:I've been wondering the same about dbl shot recently. So as far as understand now you spam dbl every time of cd on bosses like prot, necro, mordy etc, but during a shorter lock battles like unox, snorri,do you still use it? Any more insight?

Depends on your atack for the latter two, try turning your graphics down so you can only see your autos and see how many times you miss on these bosses.
Wattzon of Sulis

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