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Re: Full dex auto ranger

Loco cola wrote:Excuse my language, but what the hell?

Just like a full str ranger but with full dex, ik i dropped around 400 damage but increased my attack dramatically but my thinking now is whats the use of having alotta damage if your hits just dont hit, used to get every prot kill till a ranger who has doch gloves and a seriously op divine dmg ring over me chose to copy everything in my build :O so when i thought i would give a few different builds a try to try and get a kill over him and well ive got the kills over him as this build it may sound crazy but just asking what everyone else thinks about it
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Re: Full dex auto ranger

i have points in dex. Definately the extra attack is better than some extra damage. I get most of the eg kills on arawn.

@loco unless your ranger is eg stay out of it lol.

Iv been full str, full dex and a hybrid. I like hybrid the best and currently i have 1.3k str and dex with gear
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Re: Full dex auto ranger

Pimbso wrote:
Loco cola wrote:Excuse my language, but what the hell?

Please tell us all what level you are

Last time I played my ranger he was 178. And that was before tower update. Now I log him once every month or two and do a bounty then I go play another game or account

Seriously though this game just got me back in when pets introduced and I'm already drifting away again...

Re: Full dex auto ranger

Sort of....I have a good chunk of str from gear so I dump all my points in dex...it's ok I guess, decent autos and good skill hits
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Re: Full dex auto ranger

I've been using the full dex auto build for a while now. The difference in dmg on the stat page is pretty big, but on bosses it's actually very small.. Like 50-100 dmg difference. I've gotten kills with full str and full dex so it's hard to tell which one is better, but I'm leaning towards the dex build.
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