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Lvl 1 Spear ranger


If i ever make a ranger i think it will be a spear ranger( why?? Cuz its fun and something else ;) i know alot of ppl say make a rogue or a warrior but its diffrent)

But i wanna hear ya feedback about it? :) maybe how to lvl and stuff.

I have an 155 ranger i can use and just the ranger class itself i dont like so thats why i thought of a spear ranger from beginning till the end ;)

Much love,

Luuk (182 druid)

Re: Lvl 1 Spear ranger

If you want to then don't let me stop you but I just wanna say it's really stupid to make a spear ranger, they are just a rogue that only autos because there's no useable skills they also can't use the DL and EDL offhands. You're also frowned upon by many other players and generally look very uneducated on the game.

but if you wanna be unique or different I hope you get what you are seeking out of it, enjoy.
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Re: Lvl 1 Spear ranger

I had rogues and warriors refuse to lix with me or complain when i used spear to level. Even tho i was much better geared than them and would get most of the kills over both classes. Like demon said it is generally frowned upon
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Re: Lvl 1 Spear ranger

Sharpen weps

Not many skills to use but it would be cool to see
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