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Re: Will it be worth Going Full Dex?

IMO hybrid levelling will be improved. Personally, I like to do good dmg with autos, instead of waiting for cooldowns when skills used, cast times, evasions. By going hybrid (i got 400 dex with gear and 900ish str) my autos do 800-1100 on levelling mobs with a Despoiler Bow + 150 Fire Quiver (also got full DL, 50 dmg charm, 50 dmg ring, Stargem Wolf ring and Stargem Dex Neck), and by switching to an Obsidian Bow my Longshot and Doubleshot do 1.5-2.5k hits.

Hope this proves useful bud.
By Frejlheir from Sulis

Re: Will it be worth Going Full Dex?

Soloing after 130ish becomes hellish. I recommend grouping a warrior with maxed shatter, or lure mage, or go full dps and group a druid.
As build, any may help to lvl: dex to heal yourself and groupies, with high nukes, but low autos; hybrid for decent skill, auto dmg, and heals; str for high autos while using haste elixirs, but low skill dmg. You should find whichever suits you the best.

NOTE. Longshot damage formula includes a % of auto damage. So, even if you run a hybrid build with not much dex, Longshot can still do a lot of dmg. It's my case where the skill page says my longshot 40/40 can do up to 5200ish dmg with a despoiler bow.
By Frejlheir from Sulis

Re: Will it be worth Going Full Dex?

I'm 200 with 5 base str(280) with Gear and 900 Dex With Gear I recently just done this build cause Dex skills is supposed to be boosted , hopefully it'll be worth it cause I do like the high attack , I have noticed Longshot misses ,a lot along with Sharpshot so if it improves drastically I'll keep dex build if not I'll go back to Auto , I just wanted everyone's opnion if y'all think it'll be worth going full dex and what skills u guys think will be improved the most
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Re: Will it be worth Going Full Dex?

Yep, I haven't really calculated precisely, but pierce damage is getting resisted by 90% or more on proteus and necro. As long as sharpshot remains a physical dmg skill (skills like sneak attack and assassinate add bonus physical dmg to the base dmg-which includes divine) it will continue to hit very low on endgame bosses. So assuming otm just scaled up the damage by something like 20%, it will hit 600 instead of 500 (or 1200 instead of 1000, etc) which is by no means a large buff
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Re: Will it be worth Going Full Dex?

I'm actually full dex right now. And my gear adds 600+ str so I didn't bother adding more. Hp is fine too and personally it isn't exactly all that bad except the fact that it eats energy a ton. My sharp shots usually hit 3k, longshots 3.5-4K, autos 1.3k. Skills I use are sharpen steady double sharp and longshot. With my gear I have extra points since I can max out sharpshot and long without putting all points in it. Remaining points I use in rapid
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Re: Will it be worth Going Full Dex?

For lvling perhaps. For bossing :

Longshot is movement evasion, most evaded skill and extremely slow too.

Sharp shot has animation so it isnt instant cast, and even if its as strong as Pummel, its still not worth doing because it'll rarely outhit ur auto and its not even instant cast like Pummel.

Barbed is a decent skill IMO on str build.

If u feel increase in the dps going dex its because ur attack was low beforehand, but str would be superior. I enjoy my low lvl ranger if only I could afford lvling him right now, both time and gold.
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