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Re: Endgame Dps Guide For Necro

BlackMamba wrote:Easily? lmk how much attack your ranger has full str

Like 9.8k, but quite a few rangers in my clan now have 11-12k attack lixxed due to proteus attack bracers and doch Gul gloves.

As soon as a prot bracer I want drops and I get doch Gul gloves I will have 11k+ attack, lixxed
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Re: Endgame Dps Guide For Necro

Havoc wrote:
The reason attack gives so much dps is due to a Rangers super high divine dmg. With EDL skill active, unresisted dmg goes up to 1250-1350 depending on ring choice, and this will make up around 80% of your total auto dmg. Due to unresisted dmg taking up the majority of total dmg it's better to focus on increasing the chance of an auto then to try and buff the 20-30% dmg coming from pierce. EDL quiver skill is the main advantage a ranger has over rogue, as it gives up to 20k+ potential dmg compared to a rogues 10k.

the advantage rangers have over rogues is if there is multiple rondels the rogues overlap each other while rangers are only buffing themselves, yes rogue skill does 10k dmg but its unevadeable and has a recast time of 45 seconds.
rangers skill is 20k assuming no misses but there is always misses so its never 20k dmg and not to mention the recast time is 90 seconds, rogues can cast and finish 2 spites before a ranger starts his second quiver skill :(
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