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Re: Luxury Offhand weapons

At 150, the pierce+str quiver did far more boost to my dmg and dmg stat than the elemental dmg quiver.

You can't just look at the dmg the offhand offers and assume one is better than the other. So many people look and see 250-400 dmg vs 30-40 pierce and automatically assume the element dmg is better and this isn't always the case
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Re: Luxury Offhand weapons

Obviously dagger is better than axe. But since op wanted to bring axe into discussion I used that to my advantage lol

Aerdou aka Klip wrote:400 elemental DMG is way better then everything on the 200 quiver

Err...you realize that 40 pierce adds more dmg than 400 elemental right? And generally hits much higher as well?
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