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Guide to The Ranger

First off, I will state that I am by no means the "perfect" ranger, nor was ranger my first account. I am writing this guide because I believe some people may find it helpful, because I have tried many skills and weapons, and you can see my findings here. This guide is not meant to key on the very specific details, rather it is a somewhat condensed guide with most of the important information.


Weapon: Bow
-Reasoning: Now, I have tried knuckles, I have tried spear, and I have tried bow. I would HIGHLY suggest that you use bow. If you were looking for a melee DPS class, I suggest rogue. The bow is very helpful, and I am sure that you will find the damage from a distance very helpful. I like it on bosses, because on certain ones, the AOE of the boss does not hit you if you stand far enough away and shoot.

-I cannot stand when people ask what are good stats. To be honest, stats are completely up to the person playing the class. I will not give an exact ratio or certain numbers, but I will lead you in the direction of where you want to go. Vitality completely depends on your level. I would say to use however much HP you think you can survive with at the minimum. I am level 180+, and I like a 3.5k HP build. This helps me stay alive during bosses with high hitting AOE's, but before level 180 where you will not be killing as many bosses, use the least amount of vitality possible. The Dexterity/Strength ratio is always a big topic. I would say to use more dexterity if you want to be more of a support type of ranger, with higher heals and such. It is nice to have a high dexterity if you are killing bosses and using bolas, because with a high dexterity, you will miss less frequently. Strength is used for DPS. If you are still training, I would say to use high strength to maximize your damage, but you still want a little dexterity for your skills, such as light heal. I DO NOT recommend any focus, although it may be needed if you do not have energy regen items.

-All people like different skills, and I will let you decide for yourself with a basic overview of most of the ranger skills. I have put "---" in front of all skills you should consider when making a ranger.
Bandage Wounds: No point in using this. It has slow regen time, and a low heal. If you want to use a healing spell, use Light Heal, which is much better and ranger specific.
Sharp Shot: For me, even when maxed, this skill rarely even hits my melee. It is however somewhat decent at a lower level, and is better with high dexterity.
---Steady Aim: This skill adds damage, and makes your attacks more "accurate". It is a good skill to put extra points in, but I would take sharpen weapons over this any day.
---Bolas: This skill slows enemies significantly. If you are not training with a druid, or are a high level ranger, I recommend this skill because it is nice on bosses, and also helps you solo things easier because you can run and shoot without the mob hitting you. It lasts 30 seconds on bosses and has a 15 second cool down time.
---Camouflage: This skill is very nice to run down on a path of higher level mobs than you, or mobs that hit hard. It has the same potency as a camo charm, and lasts 4 minutes. Works in combat.
---Rapid Shot: Another nice skill to put extra points in, or even use it at level 1. This speeds up your attacks.
Barbed Shot: Some rangers like this skill, I however do not. It does damage over time, which is slow DPS, and the damage is often very low. I do not recommend.
---Light Heal: This skill is a high powered, semi-quick regen health healing skill. It is very helpful when you are training to heal yourself, and I highly recommend it.
Meditate/Recuperate: This regenerates your energy/health. It only works out of combat, so I only recommend if you do not have regens.
Conceal: This skill has the same effect as camouflage, but is cast across all group members within range. The time only lasts 40 seconds, so while you do have enough time to recast, it is very tedious to keep casting on the group. I would say that if you need a camo skill, use conceals twin brother camouflage, because it lasts 4 minutes. It does work in combat.
Entangle: This skill significantly slows down the hits of mobs. I only would use it if you kill alot of bosses and are short on druids.
---Longshot: This is a good DPS skill. It pins the enemy for 2-3 seconds and does alot of damage. A good skill overall.
Skewer: You can only use with a spear, if you are using a spear it is alright.
Explosive Arrow: An AOE damage skill. Deals damage to mobs around it. The damage is pretty low, I don't like it.
---Sharpen Weapons: Adds alot of damage to your attacks. This is a great skill to dump extra points into.
---Double Shot: Combines the damage of 2 shots into one. I like this skill because mobs cannot avoid it.

Common Disputes Between Skills:

Longshot vs. Double Shot vs. Sharpshot
-I personally believe that Longshot and Doubleshot are very good skills, but not sharpshot. If possible, I would max both. Longshot is nice because it often does more damage then double shot and it freezes the enemy in place for a couple seconds, BUT on the other hand, longshot is evaded a lot. Double shot however is unavoidable, and is a more steady damage. Sharpshot is honestly very broken at the moment. It is avoided about 30-50% of the time for me, and the damage is usually lower than my auto. I would not use points in sharpshot. If you can only max 1 between longshot and double shot, I would go with double shot.

Conceal vs. Camouflage
-This one is an easy one. I would take camouflage over conceal any day. Conceal is nice because it casts on the group all in 1 cast, but the skill lasts 10 times less then camouflage. I prefer camouflage because it lasts 4 whole minutes, and you can recast very quickly, so you are alright to cast this skill on others. If you need a camo skill, camouflage is the way to go.

All people have different budgets, but in a perfect world where everyone has enough money, I recommend you buy the best gear possible for your level. I do not suggest using the Onyx/Obsedian armor obtained from a quest by the bridge in the otherworld because it does not add damage, which is the key component in leveling. The quest armor is the best once you get to dragonlord. If you cannot buy armor and have to use quest armor on your journey to 200, I would certainly at least buy a good weapon. This will help your DPS a ton. If you can, buy a 150 quiver when you reach 150. I recommend the elemental damage quiver over the piercing damage quiver because the elemental always will be consistent damage, so if you decide to drop some strength for some dexterity, your damage won't suffer. The new halloween 1 million gold ammy and spectral rings are also great for damage and regen. If you have spare money, I would buy these.

You may have your own personal training preference, or may find more useful areas to train if you can dual log while training, but here is a basic guide to training your ranger.
Levels 1-80: Level up in Lirs a few times, then to into Shalemont and do some more leveling. I do not recommend using fettlecaps to level unless you have alot of wisdom elixirs you can use. Once you have out leveled the mobs in Shalemont, head to Stonevale and try to train their to as close to 80 as possible.

Levels 80-118: I would recommend just killing the mobs around your level, starting with eyes, then moving to kelpies, and finally you should be able to get around 118 or so with the trees. Or, if you are feeling bored of the otherworld, you could head to carrowmore and grind on spiders.

Levels 118-128: I would train on golems on blackstones for this long. I do not think that the armor you get from the runes by killing blackstones is good for rangers, so I recommend just training on golems, which are closer together for more XP.

Levels 128-175: Between these levels, you will be best off training in caves with boggans/bolgs around your level. XP will start to get very slow.

Levels 175-180: This will be the only specific spot I give you. I find the XP to be phenomenal compared to other areas at this level. The best spot is if you go outside of the pit that Snorri is in on the way to Mordris, and you take a right out of the pit, you will find a spot up ahead with 4 wyrms and some bolgs and trolls. This spot is great for XP.

Levels 180-190+: Since the patch, OTM has increased the spawn rates of 181-190 trolls. These trolls are extremely nice to train on if you can get a warrior to train with because it you stand back, you won't take the AOE. Also, I seem to get the best XP off of these trolls.

Thank you for reading my guide, I will likely add more to it as I think of it, or others rangers could suggest ideas for it. Some people may disagree with my opinions, but I wanted to make a decent guide for people who have no idea. Leave a comment if you would like!
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Re: A Short and Sweet Guide to Rangers

Conceal: Works the same as camo or camo charms but is group cast, has a small area range so they need to be near...and a relatively short duration - but - it does cooldown before it expires, so it is possible to keep up without allowing it to lapse, this was changed this current update. Both camo and conceal work in combat now, one lasting 4 min while the other lasts and approximate 40 (havent used in a while).
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I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

Re: A Short and Sweet Guide to Rangers

Alyssandra wrote:Conceal: Works the same as camo or camo charms but is group cast, has a small area range so they need to be near...and a relatively short duration - but - it does cooldown before it expires, so it is possible to keep up without allowing it to lapse, this was changed this current update. Both camo and conceal work in combat now, one lasting 4 min while the other lasts and approximate 40 (havent used in a while).

Thank you! I was unaware of this change.
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Re: A Short and Sweet Guide to Rangers

Ya know, for an all round guide this is pretty good. Although I do sense a str favorite. :lol: But to be honest very few str rangers speak up so this will help a lot, and you included most everything.

I second that this should be stickied.
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