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Re: Rangers too weak?

the reason I like(d) rapid was because it was a nice dps boost (after induction of version 4 I found out a lot more than I had previously thought) at level 1, where it was efficient. not a super long cd, it was just right. and enough length that it was quite effective. After I found out rapid was junk in v4 at 1, my dps went to pieces, mainly bc I hadn't gotten the new dmg skills. But in my opinion rapid needs fixed, and (at least until a certain level) is pretty much an essential ranger skill for all builds (in v3 it was anyway... I didn't use rapid in v2 so idk what it was like then). And as soulranger mentions, compared to other skills at max (or near it) rapid just isn't worth it anymore.
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Re: Rangers too weak?

Actually, I wanted to Actually, I did want to be a mini druid. Unlike druids, we have the same armor as rogues and better evade tequniques. That was before OTM nerfed rangers rapid and light heal (be more interruptible like a druids)

In pvp, we would have been over-whelmed eventually, I saw it comeing when OW came and the levels kept going up. I can heal better than some twirp druid’s touch (with the exception of royal, grand, and fabled light heal) It can go higher than 1200 now if I went back to dex.

You are a noob though too, but for those noob alts, your lux is always making ranger’s look awesome until around level 70.

I admit we were op once in duels, at least with my rings. The druids were not nerfed so oob did not really affect them.

His point is that you shouldn’t have to wait until level 180-ish to see a ranger’s final glory. Then again, if you buff the noobs to be as good as the rogues then when they DO get DL they will be even more powerful.

I am level 153 ranger as you can see and my auto ranger has seen the best results. If we are so good at training then you must not be my level yet and must not lix. It is a waste of gold to solo train. The bogans are good armor and pierce resisted and their hits are devastating. The level 155 bogans shoot ice that can be lethal. I need to train with a warrior to train.

Answer this, why can every class (mostly rogues+warriors actually) solo train almost not needing team mates while using pots, while a ranger, even with pots, kills too slow?
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