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Rangers too weak?

First of all, I know I shouldn't be posting this topic on this category but on the Ranger category, but I think it's important to let the community know what's going on with us rangers.

Alright, so have you ever seen more rangers in a group or clan than any other class? I'm guessing your answer is no. This is because Rangers are disappearing! The reason no one is starting off with Rangers or why there isn't many people that create Ranger alts (and when they do they stop leveling them before all their other classes) is because our class....frankly IS POORLY CREATED compared to the others. The developers tried to make Rangers in this game half everything, that's not what rangers are! Rangers are strong men or women that have an eagle's eye and almost never miss, and when their marks hit, it does a lot of damage! Whilst in this game, the game portrays them as, missing as much as warriors, and pretty week, with weapons with slower speed than other classes's weapons'. I mean, I just 2 hours ago switched from a str build to a dex build, and I do miss less, but I still mis quite a lot! It's as if every class is the same, except they are allowed different gear and skills. That's losing the point, it should be in the Ranger characters coding to miss less than other classes, it just makes sense! We absoloutely suck in PvP. We don't do as good DPS as rogues and warriors, aren't we supossed to be legends, we should at least have as good DPS as rogues, how in hell can you let a class called the warrior be half tank and have tons of damage. And the rogue, I didn't hear the last time someone has made critisism on rogues because they are just so damn good, skills like Shadowstrike make us rangers sad. We have longshot, double shot, and sharpshot as major dmg skills. Yet the only significant one is doubleshot and I'm pretty sure it doesn't come near to Shadowstrikes dmg. When I chose this calss when I first started the game, I was like hell yeah, we are gonna be so frickin pro with bows and arrows, and we we're before that update that overpowered everything but rangers because apparently we were OP at the time, yet we didn't come close to the power difference between rogues and us.

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Re: Rangers too weak?

192 Ranger in our clan gets 85% of dl boss kills, hrung and aggy...

Rangers are probably one of the best classes in the game, we have a ranger alt in our clan whos lvl 187. The highest druid alt is only 175.
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Re: Rangers too weak?

yea thats the problem, rangers are only good with full dl but before that they are crap. I agree rangers are awesome when they get dl but they should be good even before that
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Re: Rangers too weak?

Once they have bolos, they are golden. They can bolos and heal like a mini druid. If no one is playing them, the server will fall apart soon. Cant do higher lvl mobs without bolos.
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Re: Rangers too weak?

firefury0603 wrote:yea thats the problem, rangers are only good with full dl but before that they are crap. I agree rangers are awesome when they get dl but they should be good even before that

This is correct, I know that we have epic skills, pros and cons, but it seems we have more con than we have pros. The people saying rangers we're epic (we are) like Godzilla, first of all you said a lvl 192, this lvl 192 probably has full dl, which as Firefury said, is the only time when we become amazing. THe others also mentioned that they are amazing with dl, problem is, not many rangers have dl xD. Also, Firefury is the only ranger that responded that knows what he's tlaking about, the rest are other classes that just look at us as hybrids of druids and somewhat dps. We don't want to be druids, thats why we didn't choose the druid class... I love Ranger class, its great, if I thought it was that bad I would have quit, its just comparing it to the other classes, we just dont rank up to them. We have alot of potential, but most of our skills don't work with our builds, and our skills only have about 2 survivablity skills, this doesn't really help, espcially since we have almost no health but tons on either dex or str, to try to become epic dps. Also, our skills cast pretty damn frickin slow, plus are weaker than rogue skills, yet rogues have about 5 dmg kills that cast in under a second. Personally I think one of the big problems is we are reallllly slow without any haste rings or gloves. Both of these cost quite some cash, but I guess its necessary if we want to reach our full potential.
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Re: Rangers too weak?

To me rangers are awesome, I used to be a warrior then switched to ranger because I heard rangers are the "boss soloing class." I have a level 35 ranger with a heroic ammy and killed a level 52. Maybe I'm wrong about rangers being strong...


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