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Quiver at lvl 200?

So I am now lvl 202 ranger I have a mixed build so 360 str and just under for dex however much bigger adds when everything.

I have full DL set for equipment.

My issue is I feel like DL quiver is just not that great. Been reading that DL and EDL are good but which is the best quiver to get now?

I am thinking of buying runic quiver of savagery. I don’t have haste rings so this would be helpful. I solo a lot but also will be getting more into bigger boss fights.


Re: Quiver at lvl 200?

Dl and edl quivers are by far the strongest at bosses because of the divine damage and the divine skill. No lux quiver comes close to comparing at any chaos boss.

For leveling i personally like the elemental quivers. These are really nice if you can afford to pop a haste lix. If you are not using haste lix however your best bet is the runic savagery quiver
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