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Re: FIFA World Cup 2018

LeGenDzZ wrote:
Chico wrote:I agree club football is still the best. But when World Cup comes around, you get to see the best players playing on teams without monopolizing players because the money the club has. Most of these teams are not stacked like a team with money would be. And it’s great to see. The great players differentiate themselves from the others and show their true talents

I agree with this.

Took a look at the Spanish league for example and the only good teams are Barcelona and Real Madrid, how does that make it any fun watching?

Trying to get into the English league but the whole total points winner takes the thrill out of it, much prefer knock out games with penalty shoot outs. Perhaps if I was English and had a team it would be easier.

Athletico madrid is also decent but yeah, its pretty boring when you know the finals will almost always be between two teams.
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Re: FIFA World Cup 2018

Reef wrote:
Wolvekiller wrote:I don’t want Brazil, Spain or Germany to win it

Hala Madrid.

Where are you from (country)? Just wondering

I am from Tristan da Cunha.

Glad that Germany is out! And too bad that two of my fav. Teams are playing against each other.

Re: FIFA World Cup 2018

Sixteen teams left, Germany out, and in a tournament of tight games this is surely to be an epic ride.

Still keeping faith in the three lions and Messi :P
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Re: FIFA World Cup 2018

Mbappe played so well against Argentina, at only 19 too, the only team I can see beating an in-form France is an in-form Brazil otherwise I think they have the best chance. We still haven't seen the best form from France yet but it's been gradual improvement since the first Aus v Fra game.

My predictions are
Croatia beats Denmark 2-1
Spain and Russia I really want Russia to win but I'm thinking 3-0 to Spain.
Brazil beats Mexico 2-0
Belgium beats Japan 2-1
Sweden have a better team but its close enough I feel like this game could go to penalties and either team win. I'll back Sweden though. 1-1
I hope England win for my ancestry but it's too close to call.
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Re: FIFA World Cup 2018

Looks like this World Cup was written for France. Don't see England or Croatia beating them. Still hopeful for the three lions :mrgreen:
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