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Bug fix

Why am I some random dude, I became him after clicking on his char. Then I could see his inventory, and armour/Lux/Fash then I logged out and logged in and it was back to my ranger.
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Re: Bug fix

This is a longstanding bug that is theorized to be a cause of multiple players zoning in at the same time.

Thankfully all visual but has had a bug ticket created. (Reproduction rate however is very low)

Re: Bug fix

Ooooo how do I do this?! There are some people I want to see inventory’s of as they lie over and over about what they have and owe to the clan.... This is fun! Time to just randomly view these people over and over until it glitches like this. Then i have proof and they can go POOF! :twisted:
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Re: Bug fix

Lol no idea, has happened to me twice though. Also happened to a clannie of mine that could see someone in Resurgence’s inventory and gears.
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