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Give me good and plenty! Infinite gold sourcing in 2018!

By now most of the active player base have swollen accounts bursting at the seems with gold. For those who have yet to accomplish such gold hoarding feats without buying plat and selling chests (get rich quick), here is a strategy for you.

First, come to understand your auction house economy by researching what items tend to sell for. Determine which items are going to net the most gold fast and see if you can farm them by trending their mobs drop rates and cool down timer. This will create a revenue steam that’s consistent, reliable, and doesn’t require you to be online farming frequently.

Next, be active on launch day! During the first 72 hours of a event launch is the most important time to farm items needed to collect seasonal event fashion items like winter hats, staves, or banshee blades etc... farm ferverishly for said items needed for those quests as many lazy actives will be looking to pay or trade well for said items in bulk. Rinse, wash, repeat. I made over 1 million gold collecting crackers for winter hats in the first week! I was selling crackers for 1.5k per which is insane.

Last, take profits made from farming and collecting gold to buy cheap elixirs the first couple of weeks after a event launch, as many people buy chests causing the market for lixers to become saturated. For example, I was bought 500 XPS for 2k per two weeks after winter launch and sat on the lixers until this week selling them in bundles of 100 XPS for 405k per. That’s over 1 million gold profit.

There is many other ways to easily make gold if you understand how to be aggressively approach the market on your server.

All feel free to share methods of gold farming wealth.

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