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Re: OTM must disclose item chances out of chests

These guys already do it and they arent forced too either.

Mystery Gift Distribution and Value
All eligible purchases will receive a bonus item but the distribution is arbitrary, regardless of the amount of the transaction or the frequency with which purchases are made. The probability of receiving a specific item is always the same, regardless of how many purchases you make during the promotional period.

The distribution of probabilities for various mystery gifts will be as follows:

0.1% - Dragon Familiar with random seasonal body color and white or yellow horns.
0.1% - Blue Monkey
0.2% - Hatted Parrot Familiar in random colors.
0.6% - Hot Pink Body/White Mane/Random Collar Unicorn Pet
1.0% - Mint or Persimmon Panda Pet
1.0% - Lavender Cat
1.0% - War Brig painted in combination of random colors.
1.0% - Sloop painted in combination of random colors.
10% - Furniture in random colors
Harbinger, Nightmare Bed, Giant Mushrooms, Rowboat Bed, Wedding Cake, Crossed Candycanes, Carven Table, Sofa, Powder Bag, Tea Pot
10% - Chroma in random color
20% - Trinket in random colors
Cloth Bag, Cupcake, Wooden Box, Milkshake, Jam Jar, Starfish, Knobby Coral, Spiky Coral, Clam Shell, Nautilus Shell, Hermit Crab, Scallop Shell
55% - Clothing in random color
Grey Havens LLC offers no substitutions for these items. These items are offered as a bonus to doubloon and subscription purchases and have no cash or redemption value with Grey Havens and cannot be returned for a discount.

If you are unable to retrieve your mystery gift or have any questions, please contact us through the Support Form so we can resolve the problem.

* The painted ships will be bestowed as a "sealed deed" item which can be used from your pirate's inventory to cause the prize ship's deed to appear. The prize ship will be docked at your home island. LE-Painted ships are standard ships, and thus do not have a special "Limited Edition" icon on their dock/vessel image.
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