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Re: OTM must disclose item chances out of chests

Jake wrote:Another interesting part is
Apps should not directly or indirectly enable gifting of in-app purchase content, features, or consumable items to others.

Isn't the ability to trade premium shop items a direct violation of this.

Didn't know this was part of the deal...
Drop rate disclosure is an uncomfortable pill to swallow, but not major in of itself.
This might require a complete overhaul or at least a tweak in the fine print... :?

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Re: OTM must disclose item chances out of chests

Zyz wrote:We all know it's rare. Not sure why it matters if it's 1 in 1000, . 000001%, 5 to 10 quatrillion, or only on the 3rd Wed of each month if the moon is in aquarius

Same reason scratch offs are legally required to list the odds on them.
Otherwise a company can hide behind the gambling and say “there is a good chance, trust us.”
Players have no idea what they’d re buying currently.
Some transparency as to drop rates tells players what they are buying exactly.
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Re: OTM must disclose item chances out of chests

bob the mage wrote:Looking forward to seeing OTM follow through with this, kind of curious as to what dragon egg chances are lol.

Idk but when ive gotten 2000 chests and no mounts or dragon eggs you have to wonder what is going on. I can spend 50 on a console or pc game and boom i got a 100% mount.
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