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Increasing fash and mounts

I have an idea not just for the world of sulis but for all worlds. Since their isn't a lot of fash pieces to complete people's sets I think their should be a event that would last for 1 week and the chests sold would have every type of fash and mount to go along with it and more competitions please
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Re: Increasing fash and mounts

I'm not on sulis so doesn't affect me so do what you want haha (I highly doubt otm would do this especially for one server) . I wouldn't want this on my server. But people don't buy chests anymore because no promise of anything really exciting (mounts) if otm has noticed a decrease in sales that's proabably a lot of the reason.
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Re: Increasing fash and mounts

Elfylolz wrote:
Death Dealer wrote:
Elfylolz wrote:Lir is lacking in mounts and cash too

Donn server on Android is dying too.

Allotta ppl from lir are moving there

Huh, well maybe we can get an economy going again, because no one is buying or selling hardly anything.
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