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Re: Rate the Last Movie(s) / TV Show You've Seen

Hacksaw Ridge (2016): 8/10 - Has one of the most realistic war battle scenes. Not as good as Saving Private Ryan or Full Metal Jacket due to a lot of cliche scenes.

Braveheart (1995): 10/10 - A poetic film that will surely satisfy your cravings for epic movies such as LOTR, Gladiator etc. Sadly it turns out to be hugely historically inaccurate but the compelling storytelling is there.
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Re: Rate the Last Movie(s) / TV Show You've Seen

Haven't seen it recently but on the topic of horrendous films I would include Eragon.
Incredible books/storyline butchered completely by a sad attempt at a movie. I really hope they recreate it and do it right this time. They have so much to work with...4 books ~600 pages ea and I was absolutely hooked and engaged the entire time. An Eragon/Inheritence movie done right would make me very happy.
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