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finals week x.x

how many of u guys have finals week this week? as a freshman im not that stressed, only for geometry because my teacher didnt teach unfathomable and i need to stay at a C. everything else i dont rlly care about cause it is easy, like bio, spanish, and lit/writ. i hate PE tho cause its a mile in like 95 degree weather -.- but atleast we swim 15 laps after and tread for 10 mins. then i got my 3d design final and then its time for summer!!! wooo, no school and all videogames, basketball, volleyball, and ofc, my sharks need to win.

anyways what finals do u guys have? which ones are u most stressed about
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Re: finals week x.x

Got my finals next week on Wednesday and Thursday... And then I have to go to a few grad parties and then its summer break for the next 3 months :D
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Re: finals week x.x

Ive done my PE final in 100-102 degrees F, and I dont know why u do geometry separately than math but Ive finished first part of math last year and this year finished math (had analytic geometry tho) completely. Dont study biology, Ive finished computers science last year (as well as history, first English exam, second English exam [literature], hebrew literature and citizenship, lowest grade was 93 out of 100), finished almost all of physics (only Electricity & Magnetism left, its the same final). I only have the last physics final at June 27th and last Hebrew final in June 16th, Ive finished everything else.

Good luck to u tho.
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Re: finals week x.x

I've only got math remaining. Loooooovvvee math,

oops did i say love? i meant hate.. :geek: #MathGeekForLife
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Re: finals week x.x

As a senior, took my finals last week. I only had to take 1 final though seeing how I have only 4 classes. Gym and horticulture. And I absolutley slayed my horticulture final. These are my grades
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