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What is your favourite film?

Title says it all!

For me, it has got to be Jaws.
Best goddamn film ever!

Is when the 3 guys are on the boat, one is diving one is dead and the other is sat on the sinking boat. And he shoots at the air tank in the sharks mouth. And the shark goes ka boom. Explosion. Ka powwy. Boom.

Whats you favourite film?

(je vais regerder Jaws, c'est COOL)
(sorry for the french)
Issartri - Ranger - Fingal - 170 - Blackfyre
Issartri - Ranger - Arawn - 80+
I quit, again, no one enjoys the game anymore bc yall complain too much, the whole thing is revolving around bosses and selfish dom clans.
Peace out - Issa

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