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Re: Midterms...

Ah...college... I've got a college Sociology class that ends before Christmas, 15 minute presentation on Deviance due the 16th, I haven't even started... Other than that, my other finals are in January.
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Re: Midterms...

Yea I got all my midterm exams right after I come back from vacation._. (Vacation is only the week of Christmas and new years day but ima be gone on vacation for 2 weeks after it's over too._. So fml.-.)
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Re: Midterms...

Love it while you can. I work till 6
Christmas Eve. I get Christmas Day off. I work 8-4:30 Boxing Day Sunday off ( store isn't open Sunday) and Monday the official Boxing Day bank holiday they are making us open 9-1 and New Year's Day I get off.

Re: Midterms...

Latin exams and geometry on the same day.....
but thanks for all the good wishes, being a freshman in highschool means this is my first time for my first "real" big test. (EOC's for science and algebra last year dont count imo, they were to easy)

time to studdyyy~ :D
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