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Would you do it? Segment #2

First post I made the majority of you heroes would not do it. That was just a simple question. Each one will become more harder and really will test your morality and humanity. Lets Begin with Question #2.

There is a concept of Good and Evil classes on the majority of MMORPG's and MMO's in general.
What if.... If you were able to choose a side, that side provides you with a Good or Evil Class shop. Which is pretty standard to any means. Providing you with Quests of Heroic or Demonic values. Pretty simple eh? Choose a side, get a class shop, get rewards from quests.

Here's the catch. If you were able to choose a side, there is a major penalty. #1 the classes will be divided forever and you will not be able use the "good" sets of class's again on your device. Basically a device lock for that side you choose. Yes I know you can buy another device and select the other side. But.. if you do it will erase the data on your other device. Basically you stick the side your on forever. Trust me, "they" will know.
#2 The side you choose will decide your fate of your clan. If someone of a good side creates a clan, it can be only used for the side of good and vice versa.
#3 War is prominent. There is no way to avoid it, but it will establish the true dominant clan.
#4 A low lvl that choose a side will be able to join that clan, and be able to be in a clan a very early stage in there Celtic Heroes Life. Establishing that they will get all the necessary clan drops.
And Finally #5, the most important penalty. If you choose a side, certain mobs will behave different towards you. If evil and a certain mob has chaos/evil morality it will succumb to your will, making lvling much easier. However, if it the a good/pure mob it will have a instant rage towards you at all times.

So the questions are.
A. would you petition this to be the new design pattern of the game.
B. If yes, which side would you be on? And list why you would have choose that side. :?:
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Re: Would you do it? Segment #2

A. No I would definitely not
B. Evil, it would be lovely for easy lvling, I'm staying away from pure mobs.
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Re: Would you do it? Segment #2

Not able to talk to merchants or enter farcrag castle and not able to do bounties or arena quests. Btw, if you were evil, wouldn't you lvl on all of the good npcs such as the castle gaurds or the people who give dl instead of evil ppl?
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Re: Would you do it? Segment #2

Massa wrote:Not able to talk to merchants or enter farcrag castle and not able to do bounties or arena quests. Btw, if you were evil, wouldn't you lvl on all of the good npcs such as the castle gaurds or the people who give dl instead of evil ppl?

You might not be able to enter Farcrag, but there would be a different, evil castle. Just like how the Horde can't enter Ironforge or Stormwind without being attacked, but they can enter Orgrimmar or Undercity. So again, there isn't a downside to being evil.

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Re: Would you do it? Segment #2

This would be something locked on a character to character basis. It would never be locked by device. The most it could ever lock would be by account. OTM would never restrict anything by device that would be ridiculous. that means everyone can make another account or character to be able to try both sides. so i would check both out and probably level one up on both.
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Re: Would you do it? Segment #2

Aerdou aka Klip wrote:
Vulture wrote:So where's the drawback to being evil?

Only drawback of each side is the morals that you present. Would u commit to one side without changing your mind. Once ur Good or Evil. You are that for life.

Lol. Where are these morals presented? It sounds like there will just be two opposing sides fighting for control. That's how it is anyways with current clans.

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Re: Would you do it? Segment #2

The mistake in this was you didn’t make a penalty for the good side on #3 and explain what a evil mob will act towards a good class. This highly makes the choice easy, you would pick the evil side since all you would have to do is kill evil mobs. You did not make clear that if a good class attacks an evil what would happen. Easier to kill also? Would it rage? Would the good mob even let you kill it since you are the good class?
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