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Re: What do you guys listen to ?

Godly wrote:lil herb , chief keef, killa kellz, lil bibby, slim jesus. :lol: :lol:

U listen to montana of 300?
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Re: What do you guys listen to ?

Love the Beatles. It's not just a couple of songs, more than half the songs I've listened to of theirs have been better than the trash that comes out today.

Queens also a good band, although they have a couple of good songs opposed to The Beatles.

Linkin Park, Green Day are my recent faves.

I avoid rap but I liked a few Eminem hits.
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Re: What do you guys listen to ?

Multiple types of metal. Deathcore, melodic death, alternative, thrash, technical, black, the list could go on.
Some types of rock.

As for favorite bands:
1. Insomnium
2. Omnium Gatherum
3. Chelsea Grin
4. OLD Bring Me the Horizon
5. Make Them Suffer
6. Thy Art is Murder
7. Whitechapel
8. Attila
9. Allegaeon
10. Marilyn Manson
No particular order.
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