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Re: Chests

There was a 100% horse on crom the second day of the event. A 95% within the first few hours from a friends 2nd chest. So many 90-95% as well. I honestly think the chance to get horses are higher than the chances of getting mounts in the past.
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Re: Chests

Pre-update: Knowing OTM, the chance to get a horse is probably gonna be like 0.000000001%.
*notice the totally made up percentage, as is with most percentages here on the forums

Post-update: What the hell! Everyone is getting a horse except me. This horse rate is too op, OTM pls nerf.

PM me and I will do my best to help you with whatever you need.

Re: Chests

In addition to shads post ^, for rares, crom also has 1 100% cape, 4 95% capes, a 100% glider and 95% glider
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