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A very sad story

So this is a very sad story about one of the boys who used to live on my street
His name is Stuart and as a child he was bullied and got teased because he was different, until one day his mum took him to a mattress factory. Now Stuart was only 12 years old at the time, Stuart had a revolutionising idea about mattresses!
Stuart thought about what if u could have a built in pillow to the mattess? Now he told his mother and she was so proud of him that she rang a mattess factory and told them the idea. They were astounded by this idea and in a weeks time they had a design of the mattess and they were ready to be made
They told Stuart that if he walked down to the factory today he could be the first one to test it... But there was one problem, Stuart didn't have any legs. So how was he supposed to walk down to the store? His mum suggested maybe getting driven down, but Stuart immediately said no because they had said to walk down to the store, so Stuart went to bed a very sad and lonely boy.
The very next day Stuart realised that this story is made up and makes no sense at all, you just wasted your time reading this.. Unless you skipped to the end in which case shame on you.

That is all, thanks for your time to read this very sad true story!

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