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Re: Changing your hair color in rl.

PurpleRain wrote:How does a post about changing hair color turn into this?

+1 to Eliminater

Back to hair color. I tried to go red head for the first time in epic failure once. Ended up looking like Ronald McDonald's long lost sister

lmao *clap clap* you did it
i have strict parents and i could never dream of changin the color of my hair
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Re: Changing your hair color in rl.

Wouldn't want to dye my hair! Voldemort doesn't have any ;)

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Re: Changing your hair color in rl.

CaptainDiggler I have a strict Aunt, Uncle and Grandma!! Luckily believes that hair does not define you. I like to be different on hair styles. To the OP I prefer to use a rinse the just dye. I don't bleach my hair. Best to do the test strand first.

@ Voldemort you sure on the hair? I see this for you in the future!
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Re: Changing your hair color in rl.

Eh...as long as you are born with brown hair why change anything? ;) nah im kidding.
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Re: Changing your hair color in rl.

I want to dye my hair bleach blond but my girlfriend says I can't because I have black hair and I would have to dye my eyebrows and she said she doesn't want me to do that. I'm sad about it though because I think that bleach blond hair would be sick. I was going to grow it out long, dye it bleach blond, then put brown streaks in it. But hey, I guess some things just arnt ment to be.
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