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Re: Cool Video

Arjunlite wrote:Stuff I learned from the video that OTM never communicates on forums:

  • Android servers and iOS servers are kept apart mainly so they can keep track of Google Store payments alone and Apple Store payments alone.
  • A player has played a whooping 300 days of game-time.
  • Average player does a 15 minute play session.
  • First raid boss kill (Aggy) took 2 hours to kill, think this may be clan Avalon from Morrigan.
  • 2% of players buy plat.
  • The team started out as 9 members, and has expanded to 25 members as of 2015.
  • Celtic Heroes is written in C++.
  • Main goal of Unity was to improve graphics, (landscape, characters, fashion).
  • OTM is proud of their current login system. They changed it from what it was previously because they don't want players to enter details directly os that they can play. They are giving players more freedom by creating an account in the background and letting players have a "one-button touch" to enter game.

There's a lot more in the video!

First aggy raid was united from rosmerta. 2-3 hours it was a video competition. Rosmerta is the best
Devils Rogue in Gywdion!

Re: Cool Video

I remember that Rose did all the main kills first, aggy and mordy, and even necro?
#NerfMages #AvoidBalance #WhyPlayARogue #MeatShieldOnly #HealingSlavesOnly

OP dps warrior on Belenus, hot af melee druid on Nuada. #Elementals #Apex

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