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Re: History debate

Tambo722 wrote:British. Do you know how many food shortages there would be if England did not begin the Industrial Revolution? Without new farming technology, agricultural solutions, and crop rotational systems; food will be produced slowly in SMALL quantities.

To add to my post I'll add some example to spice it up a little bit :).
Agricultural solution- enclosure movement where farmers were able to fence their fields and expand their fields to make them larger in order to grow more crops at once which would increase food production.
Farming technology- the seed drill allowed farmers to plant and harvest faster which would increase the efficiency rate among workers.
Crop rotational system- basically making crops for each season. Such as pumpkins in fall, peaches in spring. Stuff like that :)
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Re: History debate

UziTheLearned wrote:Roman because deep deep dish pizza is vital to life.

I actually dont think it was rome or anywhere in italy that invented pizza. I forgot the country but the soldiers would put dough, sauce and cheese on their shields and bake it as a meal.
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