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What to study?

Hey guys im currently stuck with 2 options.
Either diploma in Computer science and computer maths or diploma in Information technology. My goal is to do a bachelor degree in computer science (software engineering). It sounds obvious to take diploma computer science and maths, but my maths is just average :/ please help me decide. Lol

Re: What to study?

Computers science - Add whatever u want to it, Im studing computers science (and a bit of computer maths) and Physics, although I prefer physics.

Computers science isnt the same as software engineering but obviously it has a lot of similarities, where I live at, computers science is considered much harder than software engineering but both are great and have a lot of demand, Im pretty sure that wherever u live at its also harder than software engineering.
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Re: What to study?

The Devils Fire wrote:Pick the one that will make more money in the longrun. When im in college im gonna do anything that has to do with science or math.

I highly recommend science but I dont really recommend math. Although, in science classes such as physics and computers science u will go past some courses that math has as well, and these courses are hard as hell, they're meant to clear out those who dont fit studing for it.

EDIT: also, out of the 3 'main' science classes (not including computers), IMO physics >>>>>> chemistry >>>>>>> biology, computers is different and also equally good to physics.
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