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Re: Pets =D :)

When I used to live with my folks we had several pets...lemme see if I remember them

Dogs: Bianong (Spitz-daddy), Tikya (Spitz-mommy), Abdul (Spitz-baby), Gloria (Spitz-baby), Kingking (mixed breed), Mookie (Dalmatian), Bugsy (Puggle-mixed Pug and Beagle), Tyegirl (rescue-no idea of her breed but she looks like a Tiger thus her name)

Cats: we had like a few...i don't like cats so I don't really bother with them

Goldfishes in tank: hmmm no names...you can't get attach to them since they constantly get replaced when the cats get to them...lol
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Re: Pets =D :)

I had a 19 year old black cat named shadow which passed away lil over a year ago.

Have had so many dogs I lost count (8 I think) most of them we had when I was young, however currently we have a white toy poodle named CeCe.

We have had 3 birds which I never named except the first one.

Tons of fish which I didn't name.

That should be all of em :)
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Re: Pets =D :)

Don't stop now guys I wanna hear more

Also I have a ton of cats from my street

Tin tin (Mr Tin) occupation bashes up missy
Missy (miscus) cute black and white cat that is particularly derpy
Snowy (fat snow) just is a fat cat that runs away from everything
Oscar (boof cat) Huge Gray cat with yellow eyes (he will stare into your sole (I swear he's evil)
Socks (grey paws) mid sized cat looks like he has socks
Turbo (turbs) cute black kitty that majesticly runs away from everyone

Tell me more about pets you know : )
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