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Re: Placebo affect

video was very interesting, thank you!
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Re: Placebo affect

Criminal wrote:
Loco cola wrote:Humans use most of their brain while talking. We don't use 7% Lawl we use 100%

Not even close to 100%..... Brain usage is far lesser than what it seems, but it seems as if we use 100% because 7% (average) is the maximum we reached, so anything up to 7% is what we can understand.

That's a common myth.
We use 100%, because brain scanners DETECT at least 90% of our brain being active during daily tasks, like driving, talking, etc.
Sleeping is the only time we use less of our brain, because the part of our brain that detects wheter something is real or not (common sense) is inactive. That's about 50% of our brain.

Re: Placebo affect

Rogue216 wrote:I saw a video on this, there was a test where people were given a placebo for a drug that gave side effects and they actually felt the same effects as those taking the real one.

Here's the video if you're interested:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O2hO4_UEe-4

Could you put a space between the : and the h so we can directly go go it? Thx!

Re: Placebo affect

When I was younger my younger brother used to get headaches but my mother didn't want him taking blood-thining drugs (like aspirin) yet, so I gave him some of those terrible I tasting vitamins and told him it was some sort of miracle headache medicine.

After about 20 minutes usually he would be fine.


I also read something a while back about a guy who somehow got stuck in the back of a freezer truck and froze to death. (Or did he survive?)
The truck's freezer was turned off.
Apparently his body was preparing for intense cold and he passed out, showing signs of hypothermia.

(No source, so I can't vouch for the accuracy of this story)
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Re: Placebo affect

This can also be used for bad too. On my phones news section, there was a story about a prank done on a teacher were they were going to pretend to kill him. They said they were gonna decapitate him and they got a wet rag to act as a blade. The guy had a heart attack because he thought he would actually get his head sliced off.

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