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Re: Placebo affect

Oberyn wrote:Crim...No...

That kind of misguided thinking is precisely why the movie, Lucy, failed.

Its only an opinion, saying it is misguided, is misguided. Btw Idk that movie.
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Re: Placebo affect

Well Huffington post says 16% at any given time guess the percentages are off, obviously doing extremely strenuous thought based activities will raise the percentage a bit.

Truth is we never use all of the brains resources like you would never over exert the processing power of your pc (if you're using your brain anyway .-.)

The myth lies in the thought that these parts of the brain are locked up.

We use most of the area of the brain just not at the same time.
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Re: Placebo affect

Oberyn wrote:
Michael_XXX wrote:Crim is correct humans do Not use near the entirety of the brain and thanks to research speculation and mild human testing we now believe the average percentage is

Please show me to some proof.

lol look it up, its first link on google :p

Also, it is a theory/myth so it may or may not be true. So instead of arguing if it is right, lets assume it is right and carry on to how it supports the Placebo affect :)
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Re: Placebo affect

Tambo722 wrote: lets assume it is right and carry on to how it supports the Placebo affect :)

Not sure how that helps anything... If "it" is not agreed to be right, then "it won't support the Placebo effect."

Anyways, thanks for clearing that up Michael. The "at any given moment" is the key phrase a lot of people forget to include/understand...I got confused by that. Makes much more sense now. HuffPost is hardly any 'evidence' but I'm pretty sure you are right.

Placebo effect? Yep, it's real. Lots of testimonies and evidence to back that up.

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Re: Placebo affect

I saw a video on this, there was a test where people were given a placebo for a drug that gave side effects and they actually felt the same effects as those taking the real one.

Here's the video if you're interested:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O2hO4_UEe-4
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