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Need Ideas For Valentine's Day

Hello Everyone,

So Valentine's Day is coming up, and I would like to do something very special with my girlfriend, however have no idea what to do!

So.. I thought I would ask you all for very romantic ideas of what we could do (Movies, Beach-Walk, etc)!

Many thanks in advance!!
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Re: Need Ideas For Valentine's Day

Anything related to food, women like food and they just act as if they dont. Jewels are a good extra.

Well, u dont need something too extreme (if ur girlfriend demands too much, thats a problem), just a special evening with a gift that u know that will be perfect for her, which is something only u here can know and not us. Cooking if u can is great.
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Re: Need Ideas For Valentine's Day

This is actually my first Valentine. I think I would want to go to a nice restaurant, see a good movie.
Hmm maybe get her some chocolates.
Be creative and put a tiny note under each chocolate on how you feel about her to melt the heart ha.

What I really want is this signs charm bracelet I saw in the jewelry store window. He asked me if I liked it, hope he gets it. A simple gift that lasts that she can look at to remind her of you is nice.
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Re: Need Ideas For Valentine's Day

Simple solution.
1st, Go to the movies.

2nd, watch a romantic OR horror movie. (trust me lol)

3rd, if its not too late, go eat some (fancy) food.

4th, if you live in a city, go to a well lit park and walk around and talk with her about random stuff.

5th, take her home, and hope she kisses you good night.

Do all this, and you'll have a nice first valintines day... It's a bit different when you are an adult though so....... Still could work though!
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