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Re: Favorite beers/ect

Oberyn wrote:I don't drink (alcohol/wine/beer etc)...but..a lot of my friends tend to stick with guinnes stout and blue moon. Some of my more uh...Latino buds are avid corona chuggers.

Okay...I lied. I may take a sip of wine depending on the occasion.

a sip of wine...? i thot u were a dude...
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Re: Favorite beers/ect

Oberyn wrote:"Dudes" can't sip wine? Lol. Hmm..I guess sip isn't a good word choice.

Let's say...I may taste a little wine depending on the occasion.

Like I said, I don't drink. Wine is the only exception (for parties only)

Drinking wine is good for you. But dont over drink lol.
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