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Re: Reaction to otm removing chickens

Otm shall not remove chickens! :evil:
If they try to...then im moving my 500 chicken army to them and rule over chicken heroes!
Who am I? I am general chikeneous enifus!
The second in command in the chicken lord's army!
This idea is unacceptable! We shall perform the blood eagle on you!(+1 if you know the reference)
Chickens follow you...Desmond Glace

My opinion is HELL NO!

Re: Reaction to otm removing chickens

Desmond Glace wrote:Nah chickens are waste of space I'm surprised there worth 1 gold there so useless it should cost u gold to get rid off em lol

Ban dis nub now otm He insults us chicken luvers!!!!!!
All chicken we're created equal
U disrespect chicken I disrespect u

- chieftain of lazy drunks
- 223 Dg ranger



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